Therapeutic Massage 

Specific assessment and treatment of muscular conditions that occur from daily or active lifestyles, with the goal of returning client to optimal function as soon as possible

30 Minute Massage - $55.00

45 Minute Massage - $65.00

60 Minute Massage - $75.00 (Changing to $80.00, in January 2021)

90 Minute Massage - $105.00 (Changing to $110.00, in January 2021)

Temporal Mandibular Jaw Dysfunction Treatments

Massage therapy is applied to the pectoral muscles, the neck muscles and intra-orally in attempt to treat conditions of the jaw. Symptoms that would indicate this treatment would be if you are present with any jaw pain, clicking of the jaw while eating, problems with the jaw becoming locked, bruxism (clenching/grinding of the teeth) or if recommended by your dentist.

60 Minute Treatment - $75.00


Services Available



Cupping is a great addition to a treatment plan. The benefits include:

- increased localized oxygen.

- increase in the range of motion.

- reduced pain perception in the area.

- helps with the inflammation process.

This treatment can be added into a massage treatment, an addition to rehabilitation movement or exclusively on its own. (If you are wanting only cupping without massage, a 30 minute treatment is the option to select)

30 minute treatment - $60.00

45 minute treatment - $70.00

60 minute treatment - $80.00 (Changing to $87.50, in January 2021)

90 minute treatment - $110.00 (Changing to $117.50, in January 2021)

Neuroproprioceptive Taping

Leukotape applied to an area of discomfort with the intent of inhibiting (relaxing) a fatigued and over extended muscle, or facilitating the muscle to fire properly after a weakness/injury.

Dependant upon size of area coverage, $5.00 - $7.00 extra charge on your regular massage treatment.


Mobile Massage Therapy 

In the case of accessibility being a deterrent in receiving massage therapy, there is the option of having the massage in your home, or place of care. Inquire for more information if this applies to you.

Insurance & Direct Billing

If you insurance company allows it, I am able to do direct billing on your behalf for each treatment. This means you would only be responsible to pay the co-pay left each visit. If your insurance company does not direct bill, I can issue you a receipt that you may use to claim on your own time.

Companies I direct bill to:

Blue Cross

Great West Life



Sirius Benefits

Green Shield

Johnson Group Inc

If you do not see your insurance company listed, contact me.